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A hard-boiled hit man in Edge City is ready for anything...except this.

The Sewing Machine

“There’s no room for the Singer. And besides, you don’t sew anymore,” her daughter wearily said. The Singer sewing machine had been in every apartment [...]

A Good Deal

It was easier to go through life without romance, but sometimes I wished for companionship. Someone to talk with, to eat with, to watch a [...]


The obituary read: “Mary Elanor Abigail Thomas, the Fourth, beloved daughter, sister, and mother passed away peacefully at her home in town earlier this week. [...]

Hey Can Lady

  Hey Can Lady – I wonder if you were ever anybody’s sexy baby and if you were, what went wrong? Those cast off clothes [...]

Dress Code

Phobias are more common than you might think. Spiders. Heights. Public speaking. Alex Fields lives in terror someone might do something wrong and not get [...]

The Hit

A hard-boiled hit man in Edge City is ready for anything…except this. Writer and illustrator of “The Hit” share what goes into making a professional [...]

Melody Woods

The stranger looked confused to Melody. Turning around expectantly in the darkening IGA parking lot, he looked in the car at her father: wedged behind [...]