Current Issue

Brothers in Arms

Quick list of what I have after the war: One skull (fractured) Two arms (still gangly) One leg (four toes) Two medals (shiny) “But why [...]

Farm to Table

Hello? I need to speak to someone in charge. I’m calling about my farm to table reservation for tomorrow. My name is—yes, that’s correct. Yes, [...]

Over the Hill

Michael knew he was different. Unlike other kids, he loved the library. It was his safe place. At thirteen years old, Michael needed a safe [...]

Big, Bad Wolf

Where did that name come from, anyway? I don’t remember calling myself that. I’ve never thought it was fitting. I’m not even especially big. So [...]

Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera was honestly more of an estranged name to us than a living person. I mean, we knew he existed. Our abuela had consistently [...]

The Dash Between the Dates

Why does God allow capital punishment?

Before the Dawn

I confess. I didn’t know them, personally, at least. Like every school child, I learned of their dynasty’s achievements and what it meant for our [...]

English Tea and Crawdads

Old Felix Hicks caught the biggest fish of his life the day he died. He’d been teetering on the bow of his rickety boat in [...]

Josephine’s Tears

Josephine was an Indian gal, Nakota Sioux, raised in the grasslands of the Great Western Plains. Her people were proud and strong, her parents kind [...]

The Broken Pawn

The rough throbbing of the descending personnel lander reverberates through my entire being, trapping me into its terrifying rhythm. Long descent. Too long, too vulnerable. [...]

Life with Lee: My Autistic Brother

Dabney Farmer lives in a small town in Virginia. She writes and illustrates stories for fun and sometimes for profit. ‘Life with Lee’ is her [...]


Each issue we try to feature a mini-saga or two, that precise little form consisting of exactly 50 words, no more, no fewer. It is [...]