The Hit

A hard-boiled hit man in Edge City is ready for anything…except this.

Writer and illustrator of “The Hit” share what goes into making a professional comic.


A. A. Rubin lurks in the shadows. He surfaces occasionally to publish stories. His work has appeared recently in Kyanite Press, Serious Flash Fiction, Pif Magazine, and Constellate Literary Journal. His story “The Substance in The Shadow” has been named a Fiction War finalist, and his story, “White Collar Blues” was nominated for the Carve Magazine/Mild Horse Press online short fiction award. His graphic novel, Night Prowler: In The Cross Hairs will be published by Golden Bell Studios. Mr. Rubin holds a BA in Writing/Literature from Columbia University, and an MA in Teaching of English from Teachers College Columbia University. He can be reached on twitter and facebook @thesurrealari

Tyler Carpenter is an award-winning SPJ Editorial Cartoonist, and comic book writer and artist. He is the host of the YouTube show “Draw and Talk” and creator of many comics including “Demons,” “The Hardline,” and “Entity.” You can follow him on social media at @tyler_c_world and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!



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