Hey Can Lady


Hey Can Lady – I wonder if you were ever anybody’s sexy baby
and if you were, what went wrong?

Those cast off clothes you wear and the state of your hair tells me
that it don’t matter if people stare while…

You flap like a flag in giant size pants and too-big shoes – A grumbling
troll glaring under a knit hat

“Back the hell off! These cans are mine. Go take your show on the road!”
Is all I got back when I said hello

No time for friends when you’re walking every city street in sun, rain, snow
and sleet with a single goal in mind –

To cram every stinky, sticky trash bag on your rusty shopping cart full
of cans you exchange for cash

So you can eat breakfast in a restaurant and buy all the things you want
How far does that money go?

These days to cut down your costs for cigarettes, you pick butts and roll
your own from other people’s waste

You’ve got all the rudiments down, yet you never smile and always frown
even while you’re pissing on my lawn

Hey Can Lady – I wonder if you were ever anybody’s sexy baby
and if you were, what went wrong?


About Brian James Lewis 0 Articles
Brian James Lewis is a disabled poet, writer, and book reviewer. After an accident left him with spinal injuries and mental health problems, Brian found a second life in writing. His work has appeared in Econoclash Review, Bards &Sages Quarterly, and Trajectory. SFPA member. Reviews at Hellnotes and http://damagedskullwriterandreviewer.com.


  1. Great subject for a poem–an earnest wondering bouncing off your noticing.
    Kerouac fan, too. Thanks, Mr. Typewriter Man.

    • Thanks for your positive comment, Lisa! It’s been a blast being in this issue of The Hickory Stump magazine. They were very kind and helpful to this retro oriented guy! Glad to hear that you’re a Kerouac fan, too! No one can ever replace Jack, but I hope to apply some of the same sentiments he did in my writing. Catch you on the flip-flop-Mr. Typewriter Man

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