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Melody Woods

April 15, 2019 Jeremy Hull 1

The stranger looked confused to Melody. Turning around expectantly in the darkening IGA parking lot, he looked in the car at her father: wedged behind […]

A Good Deal

March 20, 2019 T.R. Kisgen 7

It was easier to go through life without romance, but sometimes I wished for companionship. Someone to talk with, to eat with, to watch a […]

The Way of the Pen

December 12, 2018 J.B. Toner 0

Beauty, wisdom, virtue, strength, and love—we call them gifts, but none of them are gifts. One way or another, we end up having to account […]

Coney Island Surprise

December 11, 2018 Stephen Cole 20

Everyone was in white. White shirts and shorts and even pristine white sneakers, all against a boat with sails gleaming white. In silver script reflecting […]


October 22, 2018 Rachel Shapiro 0

  Coney Island Pier was filled with people—people sweating as the July sun beat down on them, people drinking warm beer, people cheering and holding […]

The Broken Pawn

July 25, 2018 Michael Priv 0

The rough throbbing of the descending personnel lander reverberates through my entire being, trapping me into its terrifying rhythm. Long descent. Too long, too vulnerable. […]

Before the Dawn

July 25, 2018 Joshua Dyer 0

I confess. I didn’t know them, personally, at least. Like every school child, I learned of their dynasty’s achievements and what it meant for our […]