The Sewing Machine

March 20, 2019 Stephen Cole 7

“There’s no room for the Singer. And besides, you don’t sew anymore,” her daughter wearily said. The Singer sewing machine had been in every apartment […]

Wife Number Six

December 11, 2018 Dustin McKissen 5

Out of all of my brother’s wives, his sixth wife Paula was my favorite. I remember watching the two of them walk down the aisle, Paula […]

Lip Service

October 22, 2018 Stephen Cole 21

Both Joanna and Howard told stories. Each, in their own way, got great pleasure or solace and certainly sustenance from their tales. One told the […]

Over the Hill

July 25, 2018 Stephen Cole 8

Michael knew he was different. Unlike other kids, he loved the library. It was his safe place. At thirteen years old, Michael needed a safe […]