Dorea Marshall wins 2018 Hickory Stump Short Story Competition

Maria Brandt, Anne Panning, Jay Keith and I are happy to report the winner of the 2018 Hickory Stump Short Story Writing contest. Competition was tight but in the end Dorea Marshall carried the day with her entry “Brothers in Arms.” You can read Dorea’s winning tale on the 25th of July, when the Summer issue appears.

Dorea, get in touch with us to claim your prize!

Dorea Marshall has recently graduated with a degree in English: Creative Writing from Biola University, where she won the award for Creative Writing in her graduating class. The Hickory Stump will be her first official publication.

Dorea is an avid lover of comedy, art, and philosophy, and wants to write stories that make people laugh whilst making them think. She currently resides in Maryland with her roommate and her dog – an 8-month-old pointer named Leo who chews shoes, drinks out of toilets, and generally fulfills all the stereotypes of his species – in the kind of apartment one would expect a 20-year-old to live in.

Dorea is interested in pursuing an MFA in Creative writing, where she hopes to explore all genres and forms of the craft.



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